Event at Bolgheri

25 luglio
festa di San Jacopo
patrono di Bolgheri
sbandieratori e corteo storico
nel borgo! Dalle ore 18:00

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Strada Giulia - 16

Bolgheri 57022 (Li) Tuscany,
P.I. 01635340498
Phone. 331 - 2661699
Phone. 339 - 6630171

In bolgheri there are a wide variety of restaurants, all cozy and typical Tuscan villages, many of these will be possible to taste typical products, and dine by candlelight.


Restorant Da Osvaldo:

Arises from the name of his patron Osvaldo Tanini cook for generations, was born in Florence into a family of restaurateurs.

Largo Nonna Lucia 2
57022 Bolgheri (Livorno)
Phone. 0565.762045

Link: Ristorante da Osvaldo

La Taverna Del Pittore:

The restaurant offers a menu 'based on game dishes, delicious food, elaborated or simple, typical of Tuscan cuisine.

Largo Nonna Lucia, 4
57022 Bolgheri (Livorno)
Phone. 0565.762184
La Taverna Del Pittore

Restorant/Enoteca Tognoni:

The Enoteca Tognoni, located just inside the famous medieval village of Bolgheri, offers the tourists who visit the taste of genuine things and Mediterranean flavors that Tuscany offers us.

Via del Poggio 2
Bolgheri (Livorno)
Phone/Fax 0565.762013
Enoteca Tognoni

Restorant L'Uva Nera:

Very well maintained by Elena with the support of his staff in a room is very warm and friendly place to find traditional dishes of typical Tuscan soups, pasta made in house, in addition to excellent pizzas ..

Via Giulia 14
57020 Bolgheri (Livorno)
Phone. 0565.762065

Link: Ristorante Uva Nera

Restorant Osteria La Magona:

The restaurant Osteria Magona is a local classic and distinctive, located within the walls of Bolgheri. Osteria Magona offers its guests a choice of dishes cooked in a traditional Tuscany to sample in one of the lounge or in the charming pergola outside.

Piazza Ugo 3
57020 Bolgheri  (Livorno)
Phone. 0565.762173

Link: Osteria La Magona

Restorant Il Granaio:

The restaurant was founded over thirty years' ago and is located on the south side of town. It has a large garden, parking and a beautiful veranda. The cuisine is typically Tuscan, founded on deep roots as the country's history.

Via del Poggio 2
Bolgheri (Livorno)
Phone/Fax 0565.762013

Link: Ristorante il Granaio

Restorant La Merenda:

This restaurant located inside the medieval village of Bolgheri, offers the visitor a taste of genuine things and Mediterranean flavors that Tuscany has to offer. Characteristic dishes such as whirlpools. Bruschetta, crostini.

Via Giulia, 8
57022 bolgheri (Livorno)
Phone. 0565.762154

Restorant San Guido:

Restaurant, tavern, wine shop. Refined dishes based on fish and meat. Wide selection of wines.

San Guido 50
57022 Bolgheri (Livorno)
Ristorante San Guido


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