Event at Bolgheri

25 luglio
festa di San Jacopo
patrono di Bolgheri
sbandieratori e corteo storico
nel borgo! Dalle ore 18:00

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Strada Giulia - 16

Bolgheri 57022 (Li) Tuscany,
P.I. 01635340498
Phone. 331 - 2661699
Phone. 339 - 6630171


The city that inspired the genius of Dante and Leonardo da Vinci. The city of the Uffizi and the David di Donatello. The cradle of the Renaissance and the Italian language. L 'architecture of Florence are synonymous with culture.


Surrounded by olive trees and vineyards of Chianti, Siena is one of the most beautiful cities of Tuscany. Famous for the Palio, the horse racing history, which takes place each July 2 and August 16, Siena is also home to one of the oldest universities in Europe


The charm of white marble bell tower, cylindrical in shape, it's all in his unnatural angle. The Tower of Pisa is a symbol not only for the city, but for the whole of Italy.

San Gimignano:

It 'definitely a town worth a visit is not short. The center is a real jewel of art that retains the charm of a bygone era.

San Galgano:

No doubt one of the most magical, beautiful and rich with legends of all Tuscany. L 'magnificent building stands in the center of a vast and lonely land giving views' s rich set of colors and sensations that leave in the' mind of the visitor an unforgettable memory.

Natural Park WWF:

An ideal place for a holiday of relaxation and adventure, with an evocative and extraordinary beauty. A journey into nature to discover the origins of this wonderful land.


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